Sunday, November 20, 2016

2017 Boot Camp Descriptions

Bootcamp Assignment Options

Hey all,
If you are already signed up for the bootcamp (or just want to play along at home) choose at least one of the sample assignments listed below, and try to come in to the first day of the bootcamp with as much of the following ready for critique as you possibly can.  The more prepared you are the better chance you will have to complete the project in the six days we have together.  This being said, we understand that people are coming from a variety of experience level, so work to your comfort level and we will be there to guide you in taking your work to the next level.  Please try to have thumbnail (rough) sketches, reference photos, and a tighter sketch ready to go.  Along with your preferred painting surface and materials.

Project Descriptions

option 1
Dragon Fighting
Depict a scene where a group of off duty, Scandinavian warriors, are betting and cheering around a ring where a cock fight is taking place.  Instead of roosters though, there are young dragons fighting.  The focus should be on the two dragons fighting.  The mood should reflect that of a traditional cock fight, cheering, yelling, coins passing hands, etc.  Make sure the dragon designs are different from each other.  The background should be that of a war camp or village.
Bookcover format  roughly 2:3 vertical (14 x 22 or 16 x 24 is a good size)
Hint:  The focus will be on the fight but your background can help support your story. Maybe the dragons that lose the fights are strung up to sell for meat or maybe there are cages of other dragons that are going to be fought.  Play with different camera angles.  Try low, in the middle of the fight.  Try over the shoulder, as if the viewer is a spectator.  Try birds eye view.  See which angle works best for the story.

option 2
Angel of Sacrifice   (Fake Magic card assignment)
Show an Angel in light armor who has just taken, or is about to take a fatal wound (arrow, sword thrust etc) in order to save the life of a knight.  The angel should radiate a sense of duty and serenity.
This is not about blood and guts,  or an over the top comic book action pose.  This assignment is all about subtle storytelling and conveying the emotion of the scene.
Format is 3:4 (like 12 x 16), horizontal
Hint:Use google images to find visual references for MTG style angels and knights.

option 3
Genre mash-up cover
Create a cover appropriate illustration (one that captures a viewer's attention and imagination through an iconic image that suggests a larger story/world) which largely reads as a traditional genre (fantasy, SF, detective, western, Gothic horror, historical, romance, etc.) but a closer look indicates a contrasting fantastical element (fantasy, science fiction, horror). 
Examples: Westworld (Western/SF), Shadowrun (SF/fantasy), Bladerunner (Detective/SF)
Bookcover format  roughly 2:3 vertical (14 x 22 or 16 x 24 is a good size)
Focus: Appeal to both genres, as well as find/depict an interesting juxtaposition.  There should be an element of the unexpected.  Also consider: The characters may not know that they're living in multiple genres."

Option 4
Step-Down Imagery or Everyday Horror
Create an image that is set in an everyday location (ie. a grocery store, play ground, school, etc.) then contrast the mundane with “horrific” imagery.  As an example: a parent with a child in a shopping cart, perusing the frozen foods section of the local grocery store.  As the parent leans closer to examine the freezer’s selection a decaying hand reaches for from inside. (you can feel free to use this specific scene. but I would encourage you to come up with your own based on this idea)
Bookcover format  roughly 2:3 vertical (14 x 22 or 16 x 24 is a good size)
Hint: focus on ways to visually contrast the horrific elements with those of the “normal” world.

Feel free to post any questions in the comments below.

2017 Boot Camp Introduction


Hey everyone,
Welcome to the official blog of the Watts Atelier Illustration Bootcamp!  In the posts to come we will be introducing you to and giving you a glimpse into the processes of our four instructors,Dave Palumbo, Lucas GracianoMichael C. HayesE. M. Gist .  We will also be posting your four assignment options, and open up for any questions you may have.

Those of you who have already signed up we look forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks, and finally meeting you in person at the workshop.
Feel free to checkout any of the previous posts, but realize they are from the last two year's workshops.