Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016 Bootcamp Schedule

Time is starting to fly by, and the boot camp will be here before you know it.  To help you get ready here is the schedule of events. The workshop will be open from 9am to 10pm or later.  This is the schedule as it stands, there will be some updating as we work out details, so check back often.

Monday 1/11/2016

10am- introduction
11am- Jeremy lecture on "Business of Art!"
12pm- open critique
1pm- lunch
2pm- get to work!


9am- workshop open
10am- Erik lecture on "Staging an Illustration"
2pm- Chris paint demo "Using Reference to Paint Fantasy Characters"
7pm-10pm Drawing from the live model (optional)


9am- workshop open
2pm- Lucas lecture on "Working on Magic The Gathering"
4pm- Mike paint demo "Glazing in Oils"
7pm-10pm Drawing from the live model (optional)


9am- workshop open
10am- Erik paint demo  "Theatrical Lighting"
2pm- Chris lecture on "Cool and Mood"
7pm-10pm Drawing from the live model (optional)


9am- workshop open
2pm- Lucas demo "Painting Dragons"
4pm- Mike lecture on "TBD"
7pm-10pm Drawing from the live model (optional)


9am- workshop open
11am- Jeremy Cranford lecture "Don't Be Afraid to Stylize"

Final critiques

Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 Preliminary Critiques

Hey all, In the interest of getting a head start on the workshop we are going to offer some preliminary critiques for those who are interested.  To have your comp work critiqued just follow this process.  1) set up a blog just for this project 2) write a post containing a brief description of your chosen project and the images you wish critiqued. 3) post a link to your blog in the comment section of this post. Good luck! 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Student Work

Here are a few samples of student work from the previous Illustration Bootcamp.

Chris Rossow

Lawrence Willie

"Jim Di Bartolo"

Katherine Rasmussen

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Assignment Options

Bootcamp Assignment Options

Hey all,

If you are already signed up for the bootcamp (or just want to play along at home) choose at least one of the sample assignments listed below, and try to come in to the first day of the bootcamp with as much of the following ready for critique as you possibly can.  The more prepared you are the better chance you will have to complete the project in the six day we have together.  This being said, we understand that people are coming from a variety of experience level, so work to your comfort level and we will be there to guide you in taking your work to the next level.  Please try to have thumbnail (rough) sketches, reference photos, and a tighter sketch ready to go.  Along with your preferred painting surface and materials.

Project Descriptions

Option 1:  "Let It Snow!"
Setting: Snowy mountain pass
Action: Show a heavily armor clad dragon hunter who is battling a large dragon.  The dragon should be about the size of a large dinosaur.  The dragon hunter has some kind of companion animal with him, (wolf, hawk, horse,...).  The dragon hunter should feel like a seasoned warrior with scars and worn gear.  He should feel confident but appear to have all odds stacked against him.
Focus: The battle
Mood: Epic battle to the death.
Format: 3:4 (roughly 18 x 24" Horizontal)

Option 2: "Angel of Invention"
A Dr. Frankenstein/Necromancer-like character's answer to the divine creatures we're familiar with. It's a vulgar, stitched and cobbled together creature vaguely resembling an angel (humanoid, wings, etc) but it is large and terrifying to behold. Elements from humans and animals are visible. It is seen newly awakened in or above the laboratory in which it was created. It stretches it's awful wings as it's creator looks on. 
Format is 3:4 (like 12 x 16), horizontal.

Option 3: "Arthurian Legend"
Pick a scene or character(s) from Arthurian legend and create a book cover intended to capitalize on the success of Game of Thrones.  Despite the romanticized or Disney-fied versions in our popular culture,  there are many versions of the tale that are just as dark, gritty, violent and sordid as GoT.  Think along those lines,  this ain't no "Sword in the Stone" for kids. 
Bookcover format  roughly 2:3 vertical

Option 4: "Modern Myth"
Take your favorite comic book superhero (or re-imagine your favorite hero from literature/film as a superhero) and have them facing off against their archenemy.  The focus should be on an iconic shot of our hero.  Choose a setting appropriate to the battle, but keep it simple, this is a comic cover, it's about the heroes...the myth.
Format: comic cover roughly 2:3+ vertical  (I usually do my painted comic covers 14 x 22 or 16 x 24)

Feel free to post any questions in the comments below.

2016 Introduction


Hey everyone,
Welcome to the official blog of the Watts Atelier Illustration Bootcamp!  In the posts to come we will be introducing you to and giving you a glimpse into the processes of our four instructors,Chris Rahn, Lucas GracianoMichael C. HayesE. M. Gist as well as our guest instructor Jeremy Cranford.  We will also be posting your four assignment options, and open up for any questions you may have.

Those of you who have already signed up we look forward to getting to know you over the next few week, and finally meeting you in person at the workshop.

2016 Illustration Bootcamp

This post serves as a dividing point between the 2014 and 2016 Illustration Bootcamps

I encourage you to read through the previous posts, there is a wealth of information and examples of students work.