Saturday, June 28, 2014

Preliminary Critiques

Hey all, In the interest of getting a head start on the workshop we are going to offer some preliminary critiques for those who are interested.  To have your comp work critiqued just follow this process.  1) set up a blog just for this project 2) write a post containing a brief description of your chosen project and the images you wish critiqued. 3) post a link to your blog in the comment section of this post. Good luck!

Here is our first student critique, submitted by Chris Rossow.

The Mummy Reworked

Here are my thumbnails for Option #2. I chose to rework Universal's "The Mummy" from 1932. Having a hard time breaking away from compositions where the figures are centered in the page.

Hey Chris,  These look really nice!  My main critique is the same as we discussed before.  You are still focusing too much on drawing and not enough on design.  Remember to try and keep these to 3 values. that being said I think you are heading in a good direction, especially with the interesting camera angles. Another crit I would have is they feel a bit dated.  Try to update the aesthetics a bit more, you are be a little to loyal to the original.  Remember, these need to be re-invented for a more contemporary audience.  Of course this can be tackled more in the tonal comp phase, but since you did a bit more drawing on these I thought I would mention it.  I will rework one of these thumbs over the weekend, and post it on Monday. Keep up the good work,

Mummy Thumb 1

Mummy Thumb 2

Mummy Thumb 3

Mummy Thumb 4
Mummy Thumb 5

Mummy Thumb 5 Marker


  1. Did another set of thumbnails:

  2. Here's my reference comps. Not sure how I feel about them.

  3. Hi, I have a page of thumbnails if you have a moment to look them over! :)

  4. You guys are doing great! Lawrence, I loved your thumbnails. Chris, you are well prepared.

    this is getting intimidating. I don't have much, but here's what i have so far :

    ill be posting more up until the workshop.i hope to start shooting this weekend.

  5. Any advice on shooting good reference before we start?

  6. Kat- I am working on you crit right now. Hold of on shooting ref until then. My main recommendation is to use the reference shooting process as an excuse to try differnet options.