Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Assignment Options

Bootcamp Assignment Options

Hey all,

If you are already signed up for the bootcamp (or just want to play along at home) choose at least one of the sample assignments listed below, and try to come in to the first day of the bootcamp with as much of the following ready for critique as you possibly can.  The more prepared you are the better chance you will have to complete the project in the six day we have together.  This being said, we understand that people are coming from a variety of experience level, so work to your comfort level and we will be there to guide you in taking your work to the next level.  Please try to have thumbnail (rough) sketches, reference photos, and a tighter sketch ready to go.  Along with your preferred painting surface and materials.

Project Descriptions

Option 1:  "Let It Snow!"
Setting: Snowy mountain pass
Action: Show a heavily armor clad dragon hunter who is battling a large dragon.  The dragon should be about the size of a large dinosaur.  The dragon hunter has some kind of companion animal with him, (wolf, hawk, horse,...).  The dragon hunter should feel like a seasoned warrior with scars and worn gear.  He should feel confident but appear to have all odds stacked against him.
Focus: The battle
Mood: Epic battle to the death.
Format: 3:4 (roughly 18 x 24" Horizontal)

Option 2: "Angel of Invention"
A Dr. Frankenstein/Necromancer-like character's answer to the divine creatures we're familiar with. It's a vulgar, stitched and cobbled together creature vaguely resembling an angel (humanoid, wings, etc) but it is large and terrifying to behold. Elements from humans and animals are visible. It is seen newly awakened in or above the laboratory in which it was created. It stretches it's awful wings as it's creator looks on. 
Format is 3:4 (like 12 x 16), horizontal.

Option 3: "Arthurian Legend"
Pick a scene or character(s) from Arthurian legend and create a book cover intended to capitalize on the success of Game of Thrones.  Despite the romanticized or Disney-fied versions in our popular culture,  there are many versions of the tale that are just as dark, gritty, violent and sordid as GoT.  Think along those lines,  this ain't no "Sword in the Stone" for kids. 
Bookcover format  roughly 2:3 vertical

Option 4: "Modern Myth"
Take your favorite comic book superhero (or re-imagine your favorite hero from literature/film as a superhero) and have them facing off against their archenemy.  The focus should be on an iconic shot of our hero.  Choose a setting appropriate to the battle, but keep it simple, this is a comic cover, it's about the heroes...the myth.
Format: comic cover roughly 2:3+ vertical  (I usually do my painted comic covers 14 x 22 or 16 x 24)

Feel free to post any questions in the comments below.


  1. Hi Erik, very excited to be attending the workshop!

    One question, I am leaning towards option 1, but wondering if I can work on a surface a little smaller, like 14x18? I'm worried that the larger 18x24 might be a little overwhelming.

    1. Hi Mariam, all board sizes are recommendations. The ratio is what really matters.

  2. Hey Erik,

    I was wondering how set in stone the Options are. I kinda was hoping to work on an idea for an illustration I have had for a while that doesn't quite fit any of the themes.

    So looking forward to working with you guys!

    Thanks, Lena

    1. Hey Lena, I talked it over with the guys. The sample assignments are primarily there to keep the class focused and for people that don't have an idea of their own. While we wouldn't want everyone working on 20 different ideas, if you have a personal piece you feel strongly about, please feel free.