Friday, January 1, 2016

Lucas Kremer: Student Critique

Hey Lucas,

This looks like a good start.  I like the idea and the dynamics.  In my personal opinion there are a few things that could be improved.  First It feels a little cramped, this could be helped by either pulling the camera back, or pushing a bit more depth of field between the hunter and the Pegasus.  I lightened the value of the Pegasus a bit to see if that would help (it did) but I feel he could still be reduced in size and pushed a little more into the middle ground.  Second is in regards to the design, almost all the angles are vertical, horizontal or angling to the left (see green lines) making the image fell unbalanced.  This isn't entirely bad for the narrative in this image, but adding a few rhythms angling the other way can add a nice counter balance.  Then every thing won't feel like it's sliding to the right.  I would angle the wings and ground plane to create it visual balance (see the red lines)

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  1. Erik,

    Thanks for the crit! Sorry for the late response. I've been with family and traveling the last week or so. If you've got the time take a look at some changes I made. Thanks!