Monday, July 14, 2014

Student Crit #2

Hey Brian,

Don't worry you will get better at them as you do more.  I like the idea behind #4, I just feel it could be a bit more dynamic.  Remember to always start with that silhouette, much of the dynamic will originate from that.  right now yours is a bit blobby (pun intended :) )  I messed with it a bit to try and give it a bit more juice.  I also like #2 and think that could work. You are falling into the classic pitfall of trying to "draw" too much though.  This thumbnail phase is more about design.  Just as a side note, I feel the rest are a bit too literal, and not iconic enough.  Remember that as an illustrator you usually have one image to blow their socks of, so make it count.

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  1. I like #4 too and you created a really powerful silhouette. I will apply the silhouette concept to a few of the others along with some of the comments I got from lucas and mike. Then I will get started on the photo reference. Thanks for the crit!